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physical therapistA chiropractor is someone who specializes in treating a variety of ailments in the body. Ranging from low back pain and knee pain to carpal tunnel and migraines. What separates chiropractors from other doctors is the fact that they do not use surgeries or drugs in order to treat their clients. Instead they use gentle chiropractic spinal adjustments to restore the spines natural range of motion which in turn helps with irritated nerves and other tissues.

At Beyond Sports we use gentle hands on adjusting and the “Pro-Adjuster”, which is a treating instrument that utilizes high frequency vibration to treat the spine and joints. Our clinic also provides a variety of wellness programs and physical therapy and rehab to complement you the patients complete care.

Below is a comprehensive list of services and treatment areas we help with.

  • Back Pain Treatments
  • Chronic Headache Relief
  • Migraine Relief & Other Headache Treatments
  • Pain Control/Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy/Physical Rehab
  • Sports Injury Rehab Sports Injury Treatments
  • Concussion Management
  • Concussion Prevention
  • Sports Movement Analysis
  • 3D Motion Analysis And Much More

To learn more about our services, get in touch with us at Beyond Sports in Mississauga, ON. Let our years of experience with chiropractic care help you heal your body naturally.

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Sports Movement Analysis | Physical Therapy and Rehab

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